Earth Vespers Poster

Earth Vespers: Music for the Living Planet

On the eve of Earth Day, The Solaris Project is giving a free evening concert at the James Bay United Church celebrating the wonder of our living world, compassion for all who live here, and the interconnectedness of Life.

With fiddles, folk ballads, swingin' roots-rock, saxophones sing-alongs, a cappella anthems and reverential vespers, many genres blend in this musical, magical, meditative service for the living Earth.

Come to the James Bay United Church at 7:30pm, Saturday, April 21st to join us in a mindful, heart-filled celebration of honour and gratitude for the miracle of Life on Mother Earth!

About Solaris

The Solaris Project is a collaboration of musicians whose aim in performing, recording, and giving away music is to raise the awareness, consciousness, and response-ability of those playing and listening, and thereby enable right action on behalf of all beings everywhere. Solaris has performed at concert halls, communities, and villages across North America, including at the 2015 Parliament of the World's Religions, the California State capitol building, and churches, temples, and meditation centers around the Pacific Northwest and beyond.