Sacred Simply Be - lyrics and chords from

Sacred Simply Be

Capo 6th fret
[C]Baptized by holy rain
[F]gently falling
on [C]me, on [G]me

[C]Washed free in [F]simplicity
I simply [C]be
among the [G]trees

Great [F]mystery in the [C]woods
here by [F]heart can be under[C]stood
be[F]neath the wise cano[C]py
[F]sacred [G]simply [C]be

With [C]bare feet
walk[F]ing gently
In harmon[C]y, in harmon[G]y

In [C]balance carefully
walking with the [F]ants on a fallen tree
sing[C]ing, sing[G]ing


[Am]Cradled [F]in the em[G]brace
of the [Am]mystical [F]forest cath[G]edral's grace
birds, [Am]wind and [F]water [G]sing in this
[Am]sanc[F]tified [G]place


Sun shining through the trees
the rushing creek
here I be
in electrified peace

Expanding beyond me and thee
up into the trees
grateful to be
part of this mystery, this...


[Am]Cradled in the embrace
of the mystical forest cathedral's grace
everything sings in this
sanctified place


Such a dear cherished friend
the whole ecosystem
as one living being, one living being

A divine intelligence
yes singing, it's singing

And it's singing in me
as I walk among the trees
Singing [F]sacred [G]simply [C]be
[F]sacred [G]simply [C]be
[F]sacred [G]simply [C]be