The Solaris Music Project has joined forces with the Merry McKentys as the Sunship Awakeneers.

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About Solaris


The Solaris Project is a collaboration of musicians whose aim in performing, recording, and giving away music is to raise the awareness, consciousness, and response-ability of those playing and listening, and thereby enable right action on behalf of all beings everywhere.

Solaris includes eight or more multi-instrumentalist musicians and songwriters playing acoustic guitars, keyboard, accordion, trumpet, saxophone, mandolin, drums, bass, fiddles, and more.

Solaris performances have been described as "mind Blowing" and "magical," with "pure and relevant" music, "beautiful harmonies," and "so positive" lyrics leaving audiences "nothing short of inspired and uplifted" or "absolutely blown away."

This mission of musical inspiration has grown out of many years of travelling together through many places — from snow-buried tents beside a frozen lake in northern BC, to touring around the Pacific Northwest aboard a 60-foot wooden sailboat; from sharing an outdoor kitchen with black bears on an off-grid homestead in the woods, to life in a turret-cornered chateau in Northeastern France; long-haul drives across most of the countries in Western Europe, and hundreds of meetings, gatherings, and encounters along the way.

The Solaris Project is part of the work of a larger collection of folks who have been collaborating for several decades. As well as original music, the products of this long-term association include educational publishing projects, touring demonstrations of sacred dances, a family fiddle band, programs in permaculture and sustainable living, radical education and homeschooling, and an ongoing series of international seminars on topics of self-knowledge, transformation, and awakening.

We are actively seeking to expand our network of contacts with like-minded people around the world who are working for similar aims, and we welcome opportunities to collaborate and help and learn from others. If this sounds interesting, please get in touch!