The Solaris Music Project has joined forces with the Merry McKentys as the Sunship Awakeneers.

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Mama Earth!

Mama Earth

Join us in a participatory musical celebration of the wonders of our living world and the interconnectedness of Life. From the tiniest microbe to the giant blue whale, we are all one huge, interdependent family sharing the fundamental gift of being alive.

Drawing from a collection of powerful and uplifting songs, this event joyously combines soaring vocal harmonies with tasteful acoustic accompaniments. From jazzy roots-rock anthems and folk ballads to a cappella sing-alongs and reverential hymns, many genres blend to evoke compassion and respect for all of Life, inspiring reverence for the precious sanctity of the Living Earth.

 Solaris Playing Mama Earth Live on Cortes Island

Mama Earth - Live on Cortes Island

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Animal faces

All life on Mother Earth is connected
from the tiniest microbe, to the giant blue whale, to you.

We all share the same fundamental DNA structure
as one huge extended family
all sharing common ancestors.

This family of life is in great danger,
Only with awareness and highly effective caring actions
can life on Earth be brought back into balance.

Some places that we have presented earth music

  • VanU Sanctuary Vancouver BC
  • ,
  • Bethlehem Centre Nanaimo BC
  • ,
  • Campbell River Arts Council Cottage Campbell River BC
  • ,
  • Mansons Hall Cortes Island BC
  • ,
  • OUR EcoVillage Shawnigan Lake BC
  • ,
  • West Point Grey United Church Vancouver BC
  • ,
  • Parliament of World Religions Toronto ON
  • ,
  • James Bay United Church Victoria BC
  • ,
  • Hollyhock Cortes Island BC
  • ,
  • A Place for Sustainable Living Oakland CA
  • ,
  • Peace In The Park Festival San Francisco
  • ,
  • Creatively United for the Planet Festival Victoria
  • ,
  • Meditation & Ecology Centre Richmond
  • ,
  • Findhorn Community Centre Findhorn EcoVillage Scotland
  • ,
  • Ecolonie Centre Ecologique International Hennezel France