The Solaris Music Project has joined forces with the Merry McKentys as the Sunship Awakeneers.

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People & Planet

Every Piece

"Every piece of this world
is a part of the whole
Everything that I see
is connected to me ... "

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Audio sample: Good Folk Rock

Lyrics excerpt:
Everyone has some weaknesses and everyone has some strengths
but sometimes folks stand up stand out
I wanna shout out my thanks

Good folk rock, you rock, you who walk the talk
You who walk that rocken' walk the talk, walk on, rock on

Everyone can feel what is right and everyone has some insight
But some folks follow what they know until their life is like a light

I'm singing to all of you, all of you who all do
your very best to do what's best for all, walk tall walk tall

Musical inspiration for those creating positive change in themselves and the world.

During our travels in Canada, the US, and Europe, we have sought out intentional communities and other groups of people who are endeavouring to live in a harmonious and ethical way, and to bring about positive change in themselves and the world. This has included performances at Findhorn in Scotland, Damanhur in Italy, Ecolonie in France,  the PLACE for Sustainable Living in San Francisco, O.U.R. Ecovillage in Canada, San Francisco Peace In The Park festival, Creatively United for the planet festival, and the Victoria World Peace day festival.

Solaris's all-original repertoire combines memorable tunes and poetic lyrics with a message that's positive, honest, and inspiring for anyone on the way and working for change.

We frequently do informal events and house concerts with groups of like-minded folks (often either for free, for trade, or by donation). If you are part of a community or eco-village and are interested in experiencing a different sort of music that resonates deeply with the intention, practice, and experience of living with integrity and working for inner and outer change, let us know!

Some members of Solaris also form a traditional fiddle dance band and lead contra dances, a lively and fun form of folk dancing and a great community builder. A hoppin' contra dance can be a great addition to a community gathering or music concert.

Please contact us for more information about Solaris or to find out about a collaborative event or meeting.

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