The Solaris Music Project has joined forces with the Merry McKentys as the Sunship Awakeneers.

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Music for The Earth

Music for the Earth

Solaris's all-original repertoire combines memorable tunes and poetic lyrics with a message of positive change on behalf of Mother Earth and all living things. We aim to offer encouragement and inspiration for everyone working towards harmony on the planet as we strive to live in an evolving ethical relation with the Biosphere and all living beings that share it. More Info...


Solaris performing at the Parliament of World Religions 2015

Interfaith Music

The Solaris repertoire of original songs brings a fresh perspective to principles that are common to many spiritual and religious traditions. Through poetic and direct lyrics, evocative melodies, and supportive instrumentation, a Solaris Interfaith music event aims to give a gift of inspiration, joy, and recognition that supports individuals' journey on the Way, whatever path they may be taking. More Info...


Solaris performing at the Mher school in California

Music for Schools

As part of our mission of inspiring positive change, Solaris has focused on reaching the next generation of creative leaders through a program of school concerts in Canada and the USA. More Info...


Music for meditation

Music for Yoga and Meditation

Part of our repertoire is well-suited for meditation, yoga, and contemplation, and has been enjoyed during or following sessions at numerous meditation centers and churches. Mellow arrangements of voice, cello, piano, and acoustic guitar complement songs about gratitude, awareness, openness, presence and contemplation. More Info...


Solaris performing at the Larcom Theatre in MS USA

Music for Everyone

Solaris is an an excellent fit for inspirational events in places where religious neutrality is encouraged. We present a selection of songs that deliver a message of virtue, joy, and mindfulness without religious content. More Info...