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A Gathering of Friends
A Happy Doer
Again and Again
All My Relations (with instructional video)
All of the Above (with instructional video)
Alphabet Soup
Angel Brain
Angels in Plaid Shirts
Be Still and Listen
Beauty of the West
Beidh Cuimhne
Bells Of Kindness (with instructional video)
Better in the Morning Light
Blooming Happy
Carry the Fire
Celestial Sphere
Choosing Well Being
Clean Freak
Cleaning Up Myself
Coming Back
Coming Home
Could It Be
Dear Friend
December in the North
Electric Air
Elevens and Nines
Every Piece
Family Tree
Fingers on One Hand
Freedom Reggae (with instructional video)
Full of It
Give A Little Thanks
Glorious Earth
Glutenous Rag
Gonna Make my Maker Proud (with instructional video)
Good Folk Rock
Goodbye Utah
Goodnight My Friend
Grace Comes Softly Knocking
Grateful To Be
Great Round Beauty
Guiding Star
Gypsy Tribing
High Five
Hold Fast
Hujambo Mama
Humble Simple
I Am Happy
I See You
I Wish To Awaken
I Won't Give Up
In My Garden
In The Kitchen
It's a Good Thing (with instructional video)
It's Time
It’s a Miracle
Jenny Lane
John and Mindy
Just a Friend
Just In Time
Keep Knocking
Keep on Trucking
Kindness Goes a Long Way
Laylas Reel
Let it Go
Let There Be Life
Lone Waltz
Lost in the Goat Trails
Love Thy Neighbour
Make It Springtime
Mama Earth
Master of this Attention
May I Be
Mend Our Ways
Mind Open Wide
More Than You Know
More Than You’ll Ever Know
Morning Glory
Moving On
No Complaints
Not Normal But Not Alone
Oh Mother
Old Fashioned Folk Song
On the Line
One of Those Days
One Step at a Time
Open To The Universe
Opens Up
Park Ranger (Yellow Camping Tent)
Peace Comes From Within (with instructional video)
Peace Is What We Need Right About Now
People Are Like Trees
Promise & Crackle
Pull That Oar
Push on Through
Pushing Up the River
Rattle Round
Rise and Shine (with instructional video)
Robed in Silent Contemplation
Rock Solid
Rolling Wheels
Sacred Simply Be
Sacred Surf
Safe Road Home
Salmon River Main Line
Screw My Head On Straight
Ship at Sea
Shooting Starlight
Singing Morning
Singing Spring
Slow Down
Slow Sunday Morning
Smile Beside Me
Smile On My Faith
So Worth Living
Something to Do
Sometimes It's Time
Song of Thanks
Splashing Around
Stand Up for Life
Stars Singing Symphonies
Starting to Become
Step By Step
Straight On
Stuck in the Moment
Sweet Truth
Tatla Lake to Trail
Tears of Joy
Tennis Courts of Granville
Than Me
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You
The Four Directions
The Point of it All
There I'll Be
This Road
To the Sun
Treasure Chest of Seaglass
Upwardly Mobile
Wake Up Smiling
Walk in the Light
Walk Lightly
Wannabe Buddha
Water & Rock
Weird World
We’re All Little Children
What a Man Can Be
What Actually Matters
What is Love?
When the Heart Beats the Brain
Where Did I Come From
Who Am I
Who am I to Judge?
Wise Woman
Wonder As A Buddy (with instructional video)
Worlds Apart
Worlds Apart
Yellow Road

Solaris Songbooks

Earth Vespers

Lyrics and chords for the Solaris Earth Vespers event.

Bells Of Kindness

Lyrics and chords to accompany the Bells of Kindness album.

Solaris 2015 Album

Lyrics and chords to accompany the 2015 Solaris album.

Most Recent Instructional Videos

Wonder As A Buddy

wonder as a Buddy Instructional Video

There's a [G]hen now, mmm what's she doing?
[C]Scratching and a'pecking, eating and a'pooing
But [G]I think that's not all that's going
[C]on, M[G]mmm hmmmm
Think there's more [C]too, yes I [G]d[C]o, I [G]do

There's a [G]tree now, mmm, what's it doing?
[C]Doesn't look like much from the outside viewing
But [G]I bet there's a lot going [C]on
m[G]hmm hmmm yes I [C]do, don't [G]you?

[G]Looking at the stars
they look just like little dots
But the [C]looker switches lens
and whaddya g[D]ot?
A million galax[G]ies

And with [G]wonder as a buddy
laying on the grass,
[C]watching all the tiny creatures
trundle p[D]ast,
What if I was tiny [G]too?
The same [C]world, another point of [G]view.

There's the golden cat, mmm what's he doing?
Is he meditating or just a'snoozing?
What's going on when he's sitting like a statue?
I think there must be something going on
Yes I do, yes I do, I do.

From one little look it seems ordinary
and from another look extraordinary
Oh, what makes it so?
Yes, one little look it's ordinary
and then another look it's extraordinary, oh
What is it that's changed?
Is it it, or me that's re-arranged?

There's my attention, mmm what's it doing?
Is it directing where I's a'choosing
How I look seems to change what I see
Yes indeed, yes indeed, what reality.

And with wonder as a buddy
layin' on the grass
watching all the tiny creatures trundle past
What if I were tiny too?

Yes, looking at the stars
they look just like little dots
But the looker switches lens
and whaddya got?
Yes, how I look changes what I see.
How I look changes what I see.
Yes, how I look changes what I see.

Peace Comes From Within

Peace Comes from Within - Instructional Video

[C]Peace must come from within, [F]you [C]and [G]me
We gotta [Am]be the change we [F]wanna see [C]   [G]  

Talking about [C]equality for [G]all, and [F]all for [G]equality
[F]'Cause everyone [C]deserves to [G]get what they [C]need
And [Am]nobody is [F]worth less than [G]somebody [C]else
There's [C]enough stuff to go [Am]round, we just [F]need generosity[G]        [C]  

[G]        [Am]        [F]        [C]        [G]

We can [Am]change our [F]world for [G]better or for [C]worse
So [G]let us each [F]become a piece of [G]peace on [C]earth [G]  

Talking about freedom for all, and all for freedom
The liberty to be, as we were born to be
And the right to unite and stand up for what's right
We hold the keys to the chains that hold us, we must learn to use them

[G]        [Am]        [F]        [C]        [G]

Peace must come from within you and me
We gotta be the change we wanna see

Talking about justice for all, and all for justice
Everyone must adjust for us to attain this
It's insane to maintain this unjust status
We need a whole lot less war and a lot more fairness

[G]        [Am]        [F]        [C]        [G]

We can change our world for better or for worse
So let us each become a piece of peace on earth

Talking about kindness for all, and all for kindness
Caring for each other, and for our mother earth
Compassion for our brothers and several billion others
because everyone already knows we just need more kindness

[G]        [Am]        [F]        [C]        [G]

Peace does come from within you and me
We gotta be the change we wanna see

We can change our world for better or for worse
So let us each become a piece of peace on earth

All of the Above

All of the Above - Instructional Video

[C]Everyone has their [G]own way to
[F]pray and be [C]faithful
[F]Who could say one [C]way is the only [G]way

[C]People find it, [F]climbing mountains,
[C]or going f[F]ishing
[Am]Others find it, [F]in each other,
and [C]suddenly start
[Dm]kissing one[G]   another
For [F]some it's working the [C]land
with their [G]hands, for a [C]humble l[F]iv[C]ing

Maybe [F]all of the ab[G]ove, has a...
[F]higher [C]purpose
[C]All of the ab[F]ove

The [C]world is full of [G]strange behaviours,
But [C7]faith is found in [F]many flavours
And [C]every[G]one has their [F]favourite [C]saviour

[C]Everyone has their [G]own way,
to [F]pray and be [C]faithful
[F]Who could say one [C]way
is the only [G]way

People find it, in stone churches,
and holy books
Others see it, in their garden,
how a flower looks
For some it's lending a hand to someone
who's been overlooked

Maybe all of the above has a
higher purpose
I guess it's all just God's love,
below the surface
All of the above


People find it, in their children,
and their families
Others find it, helping strangers,
giving back to their community
For some it's taking a stand
for the earth, and the ancient trees

Maybe all of the above has a
higher purpose
All of the above

The world is full of strange behaviours
But faith is found in many flavours
And everyone has their favourite saviour


People find it, doing nothing,
or meditating
Others find it when they're praying,
when they're dancing or singing
For some it's in the air,
everywhere, in everything

Maybe all of the above, has a...
higher purpose
I guess it's all just God's love,
below the surface
All of the above
All of the above