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Slow Sunday Morning - lyrics and chords

[D]“Time slows [G]down for [A]no one”
[D]Well, I'd [G]have to [A]disagree
The [D]day goes [G]by in slow [A]motion
It's [D]either [G]time or [A]me

I crack a book and read for a while
but the eyes grow heavy on the page
It's a day to sit in my chair with a dazed smile
return to the comforts of a bygone age

It's a [D]slow [G]sunday [A]morning
It's a [D]slow [G]sun[A]day
It's a [D]slow [G]sunday [A]morning
It's a [D]slow [G]sun[A]day (well, that's okay)

5 1 4 6 3 5 5 1 4 6 5 (Woah woah woah woah)

It's a gentle world today
It's okay to be a babe-in-arms
Fist in mouth, nothin' to prove
The unexamined life has its charms

Picnic dinners, and gentle laughter
floating on warm thick summer air
Won't spend summer (living) in the fall coming after
We'll get there when we get there

5 1 4 6 3 5 5 1 4 6 5 (Woah woah woah woah)
INSTRUMENTAL: 1 4 5 1 4 5 1 4 5 1 4 5 (optional)

Got nothing to show the world for today
at least, not tangibly
but me and time we've had a grand time playing hooky
Some things you've got to stop looking, to see