The Solaris Music Project has joined forces with the Merry McKentys as the Sunship Awakeneers.

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Solaris at PoWR2018 NextGen Assembly

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With vibrant vocal harmonies, solid folk-roots instrumentation, and a repertoire of powerful and relevant original songs, Solaris delivers an inspiring musical message of awareness, responsibility, and empowerment for positive change.

Bells of Kindness Tour video

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What Audiences Think






Solaris at performing Dharma Realm University in California.




Solaris Performing in Bellingham, WA


What we do:

  • Provide a high-quality set tailored to our audience on the fly.
  • Create a vibe ranging from powerfully meditative to up-beat and celebratory.
  • Consistantly deliver a positive and empowering message.
  • Supply all our own gear and mixing tech.
  • Show up on-time, and behave in a professional manner.
  • Keep our set to the designated length.
  • Respect our environment and those we're working with.

What we don't do:

  • Consume any alcohol before or during our performance.
  • Leave a mess behind.
  • Concert sets that are less then 30 minutes in length (except under special circumstances).
  • Provide background music for conversation or dinning.
  • Play contemporary pop cover song requests.
  • Aggressively manage or harass our listeners.

Our Rates

Our rates vary according to the type and scale of event. As members of the Touring Musicians Union of North America our minimum wage, depending on venue size, ranges from $80 to $200 per musician, so our fee for a concert starts at $600. For charitable events, if travel and accommodation costs are covered, we often perform as volunteers.




Some Groovy Places That We've Played

Creativly United for the Planet Festival - Victoria BC   Grace Cathedral - San Francisco CA Meditation & Ecology Centre - Richmond BC • St. Mark's in-the-Bowery - New York NY Findhorn Ecovillage - Scotland Peace in the Park Festival - San Francisco CA Damanhur Ecovillage - Italy University of Victoria - Victoria BC Dharma Realm Buddhist University - Ukiah CA Alix Goolden Performance Hall - Victoria BC  Firehouse Performing Arts Center - Bellingham WA California State Capitol Building - Sacramento CA • 50 Summers of Love Festival - Cortes Island Larcom Theatre - Beverly MA Kleinert James Center for the Arts - Woodstock NY


We'd Like to Hear From You!


Phone (Canada): 1(250) 204-4728

Phone (USA): 1(360) 305-7651

Email: info at sunship dot com

Mailing Address:
Sunship Productions
PO Box 241 Mansons Landing, BC