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Centre - lyrics and chords

Capo 7, C chord shapes
[G]I [D]know you [Am]have to let the wind [Em]blow
but you [B7]know you [C]don’t have to let it [D]blow you [G]around

I [D]know you [Am]do have to truly [Em]care
but you [B7]know you [C]don’t have to let your [D]cares wear you [G]down

You got to [G]find your centre [C]man
[Am]Find that centre [D]and from there [G]   carry [C]on
[G]Be strong, [D]be calm, be [Em]bey[C]ond these things that [D]come
and then are [G]gone

[C]Somewhere [G]inside there’s [D]something [G]good hiding
[C]I don’t know what [G]is I just [D]know it’s worth [G]finding

[C]Maybe that [G]something at the [D]centre [G]knows, something
[C]Maybe it [G]grows when we [D]stay there and [G]listen
[D]stay there and [G]listen

Today I may find all kinds of sorrow
But the way things go I know the sun will rise tomorrow

To love we need to feel for the others
But to really help we must rise above their troubles


To grow we have to face what we don’t know
But the more we know, the more there’s so much we don’t know of

I know it’s hard to learn to let things go
But the truth remains whatever we let go of

[Chorus with double ending]