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Stuck in the Moment - lyrics and chords

[Eb]Coffee in the [Bb]morning, [F]chamomile at [Bb]night
[Eb]Same old [Bb]same old, [F]still just [Bb]right
New leaves in spring, mushrooms in autumn
When winter comes, get out the toboggan

[Eb]Stuck in the [Bb]moment, [F]   all [Bb]day
I’m stuck in the moment, I like it that way
I’m here in the moment with all my friends
I’m stuck in the moment that never ends

Everything’s fine in the morning time
And still (quite) okay by the middle of the day
It’s alright, right through the night
Tomorrow will wait till after today

Time goes by I, smile and wave I’ve
Nowhere else to go so, I just stay
Feelings roll in and, roll away I
Sit by the shore and watch the waves


Here I am in the here and now
I look around and, wow ka-pow

The silent sound getting loud
Sitting down on a cloud

Wherever I go it’s all around
I can close my eyes but there’s no way out