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It's a Good Thing - lyrics and chords

It's a Good Thing - Instructional Video

[G]        [D]        [Em]        [C]        [G]        [D]        [C]        [G]

It's a [G]good thing, it's a [D]good thing
To have [C]friends
Who make your [G]heart [D]sing
It's a [G]good thing, it's a [D]good thing
To have [C]friends
Who make your [G]hea[D]-rt [C]si[G]ng

Who lift you [G]up by the scruff
And aren't a[D]fraid to call your bluff
Who've got your [C]back, who've got your front
Who've got your [G]nu-u-um[D]ber
Who've got the [G]ticket, hit the wicket
Knock the [D]ball right out of the park
Who are [C]actually always on your side
Your [G]real, [D]real home [C]team

They can ca[G]jole, they can lecture
Or be like a [D]living mirror
Showing re[C]flections of things in you that you
[G]really oughta [D]see
Who help you [G]laugh instead of cry, and not
[D]get identified
I'm not these [C]thoughts or these emotions,
[G]I [D]I am [C]I [G]   
[G]        [D]        [Em]        [C]        [G]        [D]        [C]        [G]
And even [G]if you are alone, or [D]out on your own,
there's a [C]place inside where you
Can find that [G]they still [D]are

And in the [G]times when you're in need
Their hands [D]come reaching
'Cause [C]space and time can't stop
what it [G]i [D]s rea[C]lly [G]  
To [Em]be the friend, [D]to the friend that
[G]is the friend in [C]everything,
[G]oh the Friend that [D]is the friend
Is what [C]makes the [D]heart [G]sing


They lend a [G]shoulder, lend a hand
Listen, [D]talk and understand
They [C]fan that fire of truth as it
[G]grows inside of [D]you
And with steady [G]hands they hold on tight,
to the [D]you they see inside
And adding their [C]efforts in with yours help you
[G]over[D]come and [C]rise, yeah [G]ri[D]--[C]se

[G]        [D]        [C]        [G]
Who [G]laugh with a joy that rings
When the [D]winds of change it brings
An evo[C]lutionary updraft
To your [G]outstretched [D]wings
And when the [G]sun it breaks on through
They're standing [D]right there next to you
And you [C]walk on out together in[G]to-[D]ooo the [C]ne-[G]ew