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Ripples - lyrics and chords

For guitar capo 2 and use G, D, C chords shapes, optionally play tonic chord as F shape raised 2 frets, and dominant chord as a C shape raised 2 frets (making an Eadd4add9)
[A]What’s worth [E]while?
what [D]drop in the pond
will [E]ripple on and [A]on

A [A]comment in [E]passing
[D]sets someone [E]thinking
[A]it could be [E]forgotten
or [D]it could ripple [E]on and on and [A]on

A [A]comet tra[E]versing
[D]the solar [E]system
[A]sets kings in [E]motion
[D]following a [E]star

[A]What’s worth [E]while
[D]_ Being kind, being [E]true
Whatever [E]that is
is all a[D]round

Doing what you [E]say you’re gonna to do
unless it’s really [A]dumb

I guess the [A]moral of the story is
[E]don’t be dumb
hold your [D]tongue
don’t say too [E]much

Have you [A]tried teaching [E]people
by [D]hitting them on the [E]head
with your [A]ideas
it doesn’t [E]work all that [D]well (it doesn’t work at [E]all!)

[A]People rarely [E]change
so you [D]_ might as well [E]like them
whatever [E]that is
is all [D]around [E]   

[A]Ripples (ripple! ripple!)
across the [E]ocean
[D]Ripples (ripple! ripple!)
of de[E]votion
[A]Ripples (ripple! ripple!)
just keep [E]going

Guitar: [D]   [E]  

[A]What’s worth [E]while
[D]_sunrise, [E]_ a smile
[A]gazing at the sky (for a while)
at the [D]moon & the stars and the [E]size of it [A]all

whatever [E]that is
is all [D]around

[E]_ worth while!

[A]all the higher [E]emotions
and the [D]living moment(s) [E]where things [A]happen