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Smile Beside Me - lyrics and chords

[C]You’re my family,
and you take me to places I need to be
[C]You’re my family,
walking along with a smile beside of me

[G]There’s a million distractions pulling us around
[G]They’re jerking on our strings, up and [F]do[C]wn
[G]But I’m tuning to the sound of a natural clock
[G]Taking stock of the actual spot
where I’m [F]stand [C]in[G]g


[G]There’s crumbling front lines
and folks running blind
[G]The end is close some say
and other’s say it’s [F]fi [C]ne
[G]It’s a dangerous place some say
and think I don’t realize
Love your brother others a [F]dv[C]ise[G]  


There’s a million places I could explore
But I’d much rather tackle the rattle and roar
With a friend at my side who I can believe in
Without beady eyes and a score to get even

A second pair of eyes in these shifty times
Can help you realize the change in the seasons



There’s islands on the ocean with different notions
Of what things are right and what things are broken
Different trips and different religions
With different quips and different decisions


There’s anti-establishment pacifist folks
And there’s government blokes
who do not like jokes
There’s passionate activists
with tightly clenched fists
And gurus who tell us don’t buy into it


There’s a thousand mosquitos
who come and try to eat me
But I smile at them sweetly
as I sit there peacefully
The world it’s whizzing
and it’s whirling around me
But I try to stay centred
and try to stay grounded