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Sometimes It's Time - lyrics and chords

[D]   Oh, Sometimes it’s [G]time
[D]   to take my [A]time
[D]   sometimes it’s [G]time
[A]   to look in[D]side

(Oh) sometime it’s time
for my feet to fly
doing what seems right
for the wide-world outside

I [G]saw a great blue [A]heron, [G]mottled grey and [A]blue
[G]wondered where [A]it, [Em]was going [G]to
[G]unhurried as it [A]walked, un[G]hurried when it [A]flew
[G]still somehow [A]doing all, [A]a heron’s [D]gotta do

Learn to go slowly, feel the earth beneath
Where I place my feet, is where I’m free
I wanna be where I am, ‘til I’m where I wanna be
question and answer, both make me happy

INTRUMENTAL (speed up here)

in the mist, among the gnarled pines
in the early, morning fine
oh oh I know, it’s slow-going time
and this moment’s a, beautiful find

my life here’s not endless, but there is time enough
to enjoy every press, sole. upon the duff
oh life can seem endless, and living pretty tough
I won’t rush through and miss the, flower by my cuff

CHORUS (first half only, retar. on last line)