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Treasure Chest of Seaglass - lyrics and chords

[C]Seaglass battered round and pebbled,
tossed among the waves
[G]Happily tracked down like diamonds
and [C]carefully saved
[C]Hide outs in the forest, up the road, by the stream
[G]Our seven pocket overalls,
plaid shirts and ripped [C]jeans

[C]Hot chocolates, when we went to town
with mama, on Saturdays
[G]Double whip and chocolate chips
from the [C]same friendly man

[C]Young eyes see different [F]truths
[C]and treasure [G]lays
In different [C]places [G]   at different [C]times
Sometimes, one ex[F]plorer [C]can be [G]blind
To another’s [C]mysteries, [G]maps and [C]signs
Pictures, written in [F]clouds [C]or shouted [G]out
In bird [C]cries

[C]   [C]   [G]   [C]   [C]   [C]   [G]   [C]  

[C]Capsize and capture, upon the high seas
[G]Summers filled with laughter in our [C]little sailing dinghy
[C]The stranded on the island game,
survival camping, summer rain
[G]Drop in soccer, helicopters, and model [C]planes
[C]Adventures in vast countries of beach sand and tides
[G]Tall ships on stormy seas, trading supplies


[C]        [C]        [G]        [C]        [C]        [C]        [G]        [C]  

[C]Science projects, hidden closets,
hiding in the grass
[G]Whispering and watching [C]elders pass
[C]Bicycles and tricycles, blind man’s bluff
[G]Picnics with carrot sticks [C]upon the mossy bluff
[C]Older brother heros, in their mid teens with
[G]Skill-sets unfathomable, and impossible it [C]seems