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Chameleon - lyrics and chords

Capo 5th fret; C shape root; ~92 BPM; (First chorus mostly a-capella w. occasional guitar strums, more space.)
[Bb]   Ain’t it [F]strange [Eb]_ how the world [Bb]changes
like [F]night and day from [Eb]day to [Bb]day
as my [F]brain just [Eb]_ re-a[Bb]rranges
the [F]facts so (that) they [Eb]match the [Bb]way
that I [F]am [Eb]fee[Bb]ling
like a [F]cham-[Eb]ele[Bb]on [F]


[Bb]Take a bit in the [Eb]glen, a [F]hit of Vitamin [Bb]N
or [Bb]take time just to [Eb]take some time with [F]   _ family or [Bb]friends
Then the [Bb]temperature [Eb]targets to [F]_ survive climate [Bb]change
a [Bb]stretch, [Eb]sure — yet [F]   _ not far out of [Bb]range


[F]   What I’ve [Gm]just been through [Gm]adjusts the view
[Gm]what seems just and [F]what seems true
the [Gm]world skews my [Gm]world views
[Gm]mercurial [F]world-view blue-[Eb]ooo-[Dmaj]oos

[Bb]   [Eb]   [Bb]   [Eb]   [Bb]   [Eb]   [Dmaj]   [F]   [Bb]   [Eb]        [Bb]   [Eb]   [Bb]   [Eb]   [F]   [Bb]  


Make the mistake of reading the news
when I first wake and feel those peptides move
How is it that when I get peeved by the antics of a demagogue
it affects what I believe about the existence of God?

BRIDGE (optional)


(layered & echoed vocals. Pauses between lines 1 & 2 and lines 3 & 4 like on chorus)