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Wise Woman - lyrics and chords

My [G]grand mama is a [D]wise woman, said [A]here’s my advice to [D]you my grandson
[G]Learn to hold the [D]door wide open, let [A]everyone walk on [D]through before you
[G]Learn to slow down [D]when you’re talking, [A]watch the world [D]spinning around
[G]Learn to slow down [D]when you’re walking, look [A]around
and watch the [D]world go round

There’s [A]so much wisdom gets left on the ground
[G]So many wise words [D]laying around
Frowned upon by the [A]young
[A]Each generation knows it’s the ones to
[G]Set it all straight, to [D]show how it’s done, to run this
[A]Crazy show
But the [A]young need the old, and the old need the young and
[G]We all can learn if we’re [D]   humble enough, not to think we
[A]Know all the answers
[F#]        [Bm]        [G]        [A]        [G]        [D]


With respect and empathy, wisdom and energy
Can be friends
Not enemies
When we swallow our pride and follow the tide
And not pretend
That we’re the moon
When we slow on down, start
Showing some knowing and


[F#]        [Bm]        [G]        [A]        [G]        [D]