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What Actually Matters - lyrics and chords

[E]What [Asus2]actually [E]matters
to the [Asus2]part that after
the body dies will re[E]main?

[E]What [Asus2]must be [E]done
to [Asus2]answer to the purpose
for which to this place I [E]came? [Asus2]        [E]  

[B6]   Can just Being be a purposeful [Aadd9]action?
[B6]   What on this Earth is rightly meant to [Aadd9]happen?
And [B6]what kind of Beingness could [Aadd9]make this rightness hap[E]pen?[Asus2]        [E]


[E]What [Asus2]actually [E]matters
to the [Asus2]part that's not
the body mind or e[E]motions?

[E]What [Asus2]is it [E]really
that [Asus2]lives in a pure heart
that overflows with De[E]votion? [Asus2]        [E]  

[B6]   Something so precious, beyond com[Aadd9]pare
That [B6]I could not ask for
but means everything that it's [Aadd9]there
and [B6]in that precious something
is [Aadd9]why I am he[E]re [Asus2]        [E]

And [E]that [Asus2]actually [E]matters