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Blooming Happy - lyrics and chords

[D]        [A]        [Bm]        [G]   (4x)

I still [D]live with my [A]parents
I've [Bm]never had a [G]real job
I [D]go to work in [A]sweatpants
and [Bm]try to grow my [G]blog [A]  

[D]I'm bloomin' [A]late — [Bm]o-oh
but [G]I'm bloomin' [D]happy — [A]happy
[D]I'm bloomin' [A]late — [Bm]o-oh
but [G]I'm bloomin' [D]happy

I don't have a car
and my bike has not front brake
I only got my licence
to have ID with my face

I have no phone
don't want to be a phoney
besides, I'm always home
and I have no one to call me


ORGAN SOLO: 1 5 6 4 (4x)

My brother does my taxes
my mother does my dishes
if you see success
pass along my best wishes

I'm a late bloomer
It is no mistake, see
the early bird gets the worm
the second mouse gets cheese


I have never been drunk
and I've never been high
once a waitress blew a kiss
and I forgot my bassline

I'm an orchid Mama's Boy
and don't think that's uncool
I would be the teachers pet
except I never went to school


I thought of going to college
to try to prove my worth
then I sat around and read
‘cause student debt's the worst

Living the dream
seems highly overrated
success and happiness
only weakly correlated



CHORUS (broken down, just left hand organ bassline, and stomp on 1, and clap on 3)