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What is Love? - lyrics and chords

Guitar Capo 2 and play C, F, G, Em, and Am
[D]        [A]        [G]        [G]        [A]        [D]
[D]Older than the [Em]Earth [G]newer than the [A]morning
[D]Some call it [Em]God or the [G]nature of [A]Creation
[D]Gentler than the [Em]dew and [G]stonger than a [A]mountain
[D]It moves in the [Em]heart but it [G]isn't just [A]emotion
What is [D]love?
[D]        [A]        [G]        [G]        [A]        [D]

Those [G]four [A]letters, so [G]loaded with [Bm]every kind of [A]thing
What is [D]love?
When it [G]isn’t just a [A]feeling, and it [G]isn’t just [Bm]believing in a [A]thing
What is [D]love?

When it’s not about a boy or a girl
And has nothing much to do with the things of the world
Except maybe to care for and keep them all whole
The heart of it all fondly cradling the world

What is love?
When it isn’t just affection and it isn’t just connection with someone
What is love?
When it’s more than just compassion, and it flows in all directions, every one
What is love?

When it’s not about desire or what I’m not mentioning
And what’s in it for me isn’t even a question
I was always looking for answers and full of my own suggestions
But thirty years later I finally pop the question
What is love?