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Alphabet Soup - lyrics and chords

I’d [A]like to drive by
To see [D]how things are on your side
But I [A]don’t know your number
And the [E]sky is full of thunder
I’m [A]feeling kinda whack
Like I’d [D]like to find something to [E]crawl un[A]der.

[A]Where are we going?
[D]   How does this end?
[A]   Or is it just the beginning
Before the [E]cycle starts again?

[A]We’re getting so grown up
Yet there’s [D]still so much to learn
[A]   Receive the Teaching from the Wise ones
As the [E]world seems to crash and burn

[A]Keep the temple safe
I [D]Guard it with my life
[A]   Filled with love and wonder
[E]   Filled with white light

[A]   Opening the present
[D]   Laying under the trees
[A]   Listening to logs crashing
[E]   In the frothing sea

[A]Open to the mystery
Of how [D]all came to be
[A]Learning to be patient, opti[E]mistic, unafraid and [A]free.

Instrumental A D A E A D E A

The [A]words come a knocking, [D]asking to be said
[A]   Like alphabet soup, [E]swirling around in my [A]head