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I Wish To Awaken - lyrics and chords

Capo 5th fret
[C]When I ring the [G]morning bell
In[Am]side I sing while wishing [F]well
I [C]wish to [G]awak[C]en
in the morning [G]light

[C]Though I may not [G]really know
[Am]Where awaken[F]ing will go
I [C]wish to [G]awa[F]ken
When the time is [C]right

[G]   Fr[F]om the humblest good [C]morn[G]ing
To the [Am]wondrous and [G]destinous
[F]Thunderous [Bb]enlightening
[G]Cosmic [C]awak[F]ening m[C]m [F]        [Am]        [G]  

I've already shaved off my hair
I won't settle for half-way-there
I wish to awaken,
Going to do it right

I'm going seek until I've found
I am never ever backing down
I wish to awaken
To the highest height

[G]This is the path I am [Am]tak[F]ing
This is the [C]choice I am [G]making
I [Am]wish to aw[F]ak[C]en[G]  

I have given up a lot
But what I gave up I don't want
I wish to awaken
Yes, that's right

Some may laugh and walk away
But I'm not joking when I say
I wish to awaken,
Hang on tight

From the humblest good morning
To the wondrous and destinous
Thunderous enlightening
Cosmic awakening

It may take me quite a while
but I will keep on with a smile
I wish to awaken
Into the light

Though I may not really know
Where awakening will go
I wish to awaken
When the time is right