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In The Kitchen - lyrics and chords

Capo 3rd fret

[F]In the kitchen with my work [C]sister,
gotta scrub these dishes,
[G]glad to be [C]with her.
In each moment [F]making it [C]useful,
always different, [G]always [C]fruitful.

[C]Yogurt pots and [F]pizza tins.
We [C]talk about our [G]work with[C]in.
My [C]water's hot, your [F]water's cold.
What will [C]we be like
when we're [G]very o[C]ld.

The stack is tall, the night is long.
La di da, we sing a song.

Sometimes it seems there is no end,
another dish around each bend;
make each one my special friend
because I know, I'll see you again.


This green wall it looks like puke;
maybe if we kissed it
would it become a duke?
We joke about our future plans,
but right now neither one needs
to meet a man.

We like to tease the other one,
but we know it's all just in good fun.
Happy lasses are we
striving forward, in destiny.


We share our latest epiphany
and contemplate reality.
We drop a tear, confess our fears.
How nice to have you near me dear.

Oh hurray for the work day.
Another chance to learn to pray.
In my sit, on the movements floor,
but especially as I do my chores.