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Ubik - lyrics and chords

You can [E]feel it in the [B]air, [A]taste it on the [E]wind
(You've) [E]got to be [B]there (to/and) [maj6]know when
it's happen[E]ing

(Then/when) the [E]story tells the [B]writer, the [A]music
plays the [E]band
[E]And something [B]higher, [maj6]seems to lend a [E]hand

[E]Ubik, it's [B]God in a spray-can
We could [C#m]use it, to [A]re-awaken
It's for[E]giving, [B]not for taking
Ain't [C#m]nothing [A]that's forsaken
By the ... r-r-r-ray of cre[E]ation

[B]U[E]bik, means [A]every[E]where
[B]U[E]bik, it's [A]every[E]where

[E]Ubiquitous mysterious miraculous stuff
[E]In search of the miraculous that's in search of us
[E]In search of the miraculous that's in each of us

[B]   [E]   [C#m]   [E]   [B]   [E]   [C#m]   [E]  

The tuning dial spins, resonances trimmed,
A hiss, a burst of static ...
and then the signal comes in

And the story tells the writer, the music
plays the band
And something higher, seems to start to land



[E]Everyone a their stations we're coming
in hot
[E]It's time to be making some adjustments to
the plot
[E]Can we have a Deus Ex to rescue the day?
[E]Well guess what: it's all God anyway!
(Hey hey)


[B]   [E]   [C#m]   [E]   [B]   [E]   [C#m]   [E]