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Worlds Apart - lyrics and chords

I guess [C]everybody thinks that they are right.
And [G]sees the world through their own glasses
I guess [C]everybody feels the need to fight
[G]For the things that keep them up at night

But we’re [F]   all so differ[C]ent
What we see and hear and [G]think about
Is [F]just about a [C]world apart

I guess everybody thinks that they make sense
Common sense to some can seem way out of left field
Ideas that make sense to one
Can send some reeling

And I [G]guess that’s the deal
With living in a[F]   free [C]world
I’m grateful I can have [G]thoughts
[F]I can even try to make them [C]real


I guess everybody thinks that some are strange
And wants to keep them safely at bay
I guess everybody wants their loved ones safe
But that can take some contradictory shapes

I think somebody said it takes all sorts
To make a beautiful world work
So lets all get along and work it out
So that everybody can be heard

Even though we’re…