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Smile On My Faith - lyrics and chords

Capo fourth fret
[D]Everything I [G]see is a [C]reminder to [D]me
[D]that I'm so [G]lucky [G]just to [C]simpl[G]y [D]be

So [G]I've got a [C]smile [D]   on my [G]faith
[C]while I [Am]rush [D]around [G]looking for my[D]self
[G]in the [G/Em]lost and [C]found [G]        [C]        [D]  

In my cosmology I'm a cosmic joke
and without apology so are all you fine folks

Oh, I've got a smile on my faith
As far as I can tell here and now is swell,
the joke is going well

I need no big reason to enjoy my folly,
it's always the season for me to be jolly

Because I've got a smile on my faith
while I rush around looking for myself
in the lost and found

Wherever I may be I am absolutely free
to find that simple me who is naturally happy to be

[C]I have [Am]been ar[D]ound
[G]looking for my[D]self
and [G]recently I've [C]found...
That I've got a smile on my Faith