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Consider - lyrics and chords

Capo on the fifth fret.
[C]Consider the [G]earth [F]beneath my [C]feet
[C]Consider the [G]air that [F]smells so [C]sweet
[C]Consider the [G]food that [F]I must [C]eat
[C]Consider [G]who got [F]turned into [C]meat

[C]Consider the [G]people who [F]live on the [C]street
And [C]all [G]those with [F]nothing to [C]eat
[C]Consider [G]everybody [F]who I [C]meet
And [C]consider your [G]ears and try to [F]stay on [C]beat

[F]Because I [C]kn[G]ow
That [Am]there are [F]many and [G]there is [C]one
[Am]We are [F]many and [G]we are [C]one[F]        [C]        [G]   
And [C]every little [F]thing
Has a [F]blessing to [C]bring
Yes [C]every blessed [F]thing
Has a [F]blessed truth to [C]sing mm [G]hm
[F]If I'm [G]listen[C]ing, [F]When I'm [G]listen[C]ing
So [F]I will [G]do my [C]very best,
[G]Yes I [C]will, yes I [F]will[C]        [F]        [C]        [G]  

Consider those who have come before
And who will be here when I'm here no more
Consider the ones that are easy to adore
But also those who I might tend to deplore

Consider the thumbs that are always sore
Consider the folks who get shown to the door
Consider the bugs on the floor
I know there's something they're all here for


Consider this moment that's unfolding
Consider the future, that we're moulding
Consider the rule, that is Golden
Consider this miracle that we are beholding

Consider what's right, and what is true
Consider what's just and gentle too
Consider what's best for you
Because what's best for all
Is what's best for me too


Consider my friends and family
Consider the people who count on me
Consider what help I can be
What will help them to be free

Consider the things that eyes don't see
Consider what matters actually
Consider well and impartially
With patient kindness and humility