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No Complaints - lyrics and chords

Guitar Capo 2 and play C, F, G, Em, and Am
[D]I don’t have that [Bm]many friends
but the [A]friends I have are [G]   good [D]friends

and [D]I don’t have all [F#m]that many things
but the [A]things I have are mostly [G]   good, [A]things

[G]I’ve got [A]no compl[D]aints. no I [G]ain’t [A]got compl[D]aints
Because [G]Life’s to [D]short, and [A]way to [Bm]long
to [G]spend it all [D]dwelling on [Bm]what’s [A]gone [D]wrong
[D]        [D]        [G]        [A]        [D]

I’m not a drunken fool or a cross eyed saint
I just really ain’t into complaints

I have a funny feeling that the universe is great
even on the days when it seems like maybe it ain’t


There’s a lot of things I just don’t understand
and my life hasn’t gone how I’d planned

But I have hope for the future and a roof for tonight
and even in the dark I’m heading for the light


Whiny people are very annoying
and I would know because I’ve actually been one

For many years I caused red ears
but I’m getting old and I’ve said I’m done


I’m usually out of money and I’ve always looked funny
I’ve got a bony face and a bulgy tummy

There’s a lot of things that I’d like to change
but I’m happy to be here, just the same