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Safe Road Home - lyrics and chords

Key of Gmaj (sort of…), 135bpm, E shapes with capo on third fret.

Instrumental: 8 bars [G]:
First four just guitar, second four cello + bass

We’ve [Bm]got a long [C]way to [G]go
And [Bm]I’ve been lucky I [C]have, I [G]know
[Bm]Coming from a [C]place where time goes [G]slow
[Bm]Heading home with [C]hearts and minds both [G]full

There’s [C]   a lot of life [C]out there to [G]see
And there’s [C]lots of dreams held inside [G]me
But [C]right now I’m glad to [G]be
[C]Travelling [G]swiftly

On the [Bm]safe [C]road [G]home
[Bm]Safe [C]road [G]home
With my eyes on the road
And my [Bm]mind on [C]where I’m [G]going
On the [Bm]safe [C]road [D]home

Instrumental: [D]   [D]   [C]   [G]   [D]   [D]   
10 bars cello lead, then 10 bars guitar lead
(raga style)

There’s [Dm]storm clouds piled [C]high
[Dm]Dark up in the [C]sky
But the [Dm]sun is shining [C]right
On where I’m [G]going

There’s [Dm]lot’s of things worth [C]knowing (about)
And [Dm]lot’s of places worth [C]going
But [Dm]right now I’m [C]not...
Slowing [G]down


Instrumental: [D]   [D]   [C]   [G]   [D]   [D]   
10 bars cello lead, 10 bars guitar lead,
raga style.

Sometimes the mind plays tricks
And sometimes it looks like this
Sometime I loose my grip
But not on this

CHORUS (short): first two lines repeated twice