Walk in the Light - lyrics and chords from sunship.com

Capo 1st fret
May I [G]walk in the [C]light
of [G]Destiny's [D]stride
and [G]rise to the [C]challenge
of [G]these changing [D]ti[G]mes

May I [G]serve with all my [C]heart,
bo[G]dy and [D]mind
and [G]grow [C]wise
in the [G]fullness of [D]ti[G]me

[G]Oo[D]oo[G]h there is a [D]way
[G]Oo[D]oo[G]h I have faith
[G]Oo[D]oo[G]h we will be [D]strong
[G]Oo[D]oo[G]h and carry on

May I [G]give more than [C]take
and with [G]ease peace [D]make
Grow [G]being strong and [C]true
Doing the [G]best I can [D]d[G]o

[G]Oo[D]oo[G]h we can [D]shine
[G]Oo[D]oo[G]h from inside
[G]Oo[D]oo[G]h and light the [D]way
[G]Oo[D]oo[G]h to a new day

May I walk in the light
of Destiny's stride
and rise to the challenge
of these changing times

May I serve with all my heart,
body and mind
and grow wise
in the fullness of time