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Non-Zero-Sum - lyrics and chords

Capo first fret
INTRO: 1 4 1 (4x - first 2 fingerpicked guitar, 2nd 2 rounds with mellow fiddle)

Oh can you [Db]love [Gb]_ one and a[Db]nother
and is this [Db]love [Gb]zero-sum, [Db]or
some [Ab]kind of [Ebm]_ fundamental [Gb]force
and the [Db]heart
some [Ab]kind of [Ebm]_ elemental [Gb]source
of the [Db]stuff
so there’s [Ab]always [Gb]enough
you can [Db]just
[Gb]let [Ab]it [Db]pour from the [Ab]source to the [Gb]source
[Gb]let [Ab]it [Db]pour [Gb]fo-[Ab]orth

Is [Db]black black because [Gb]it’s not white?
and is [Db]that that because [Ab]it’s not like … [Db]this

Are [Db]you you because [Gb]you’re not me?
and is [Db]two two because [Ab]it’s not three …
but more than [Db]one-ness


Are we we|us because we’re not them?
can you have a solution but no problem …

Can you love what’s good without hating the bad
because if you could that would be pretty rad …


GUITAR: [Db]    [Gb]    [Db]   _ | [Db]   [Gb]    [Db]   
GUITAR and FIDDLE: [Db]    [Gb]    [Db]   
| [Db]    [Gb]    [Db]   _ | [Ab]   [Ab]   [Ab]   [Ab]  

(Can you) take the philosophy of non-duality
make the talk into reality … what is

Is it a million raindrops or is it an ocean
am I dreaming or have I just awoken … to what is


BANJO SOLO: [Db]   [Gb]   [Db]   [Ab]  
(x6 1 round banjo, 2 rounds banjo and guitar footballs,
bass slide in 3 round build)


Oh can you [Db]love [Gb]_ one and a[Db]nother
and is this [Db]love [Gb]zero-sum, [Db]or
some [Ab]other [Ebm]_ fundamental [Db]force