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Dear Friend - lyrics and chords

Oh dear [G]friend [C]   are you in hea[G]ven
Are you [G]crossing [D]   to another [G]realm
Oh dear [G]friend [C]   are you on a jour[G]ney
Are you at [G]home
[D]   Are your among the [G]stars

[C]Where are you? Are you [G]here?
I can [D]almost hear you [G]breathing
[C]   Or is that a [G]memory
such a [D]lovely helpful [G]feeling


[C]   Dear friend even [G]though
some[D]times we weren’t al[G]l there
[C]   I hope that you [G]know
just how [D]much we truly [G]care

Hummed/instrumental chorus

[C]You my friend have left a [G]hole
and it’s [D]one you filled so ver[G]y well
[C]   I hope that we [G]meet again
somet[D]ime somewhere so[G]me how


[C]Oh dear friend are you o[G]kay?
I think that you [D]are you are strong and you[G]’re brave
[C]   but it’s still so hard to goodbye [G]say
but I must let you [D]go because you’re on your [G]way

Hummed/instrumental chorus

[C]   Dear friend may you have what you [G]need
to [D]do what you need to[G]   do
[C]   to stay on your [G]path
stro[D]ng Destinous and [G]True