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Just In Time - lyrics and chords

Like a magnifying glass focusing sunlight
keeping attention focused on I
Seeking spiritual ignition
ready to receive solar transmission
yes, I'm listening
and this focus brings
a certain jubilation
seeking transformation
yes, evolutionary emancipation
this is an affirmation
a declaration

Yes, we're built to be inspired
full with spirit, like a channel or a wire
transmitting and conducting spiritual fire
high above the mire
frequent flyers
working on behalf of something higher

So here's a scheme
if you know what I mean
rally the team
a clean machine
that'll remember
gathered round that sacred ember
to in turn blow
'til the glow grows
and the we knows
the blazing splendour
ain't no pretenders
we're talking "and the postage"
no return to sender

So time is tight and success is a must
what is that saying, "from dust to dust"
rise up we must
out of our ruts
no fuss no muss
sane and just
in time

and all around things may be shakin'
and a quakin' and a breakin'
but this planet is not yet forsaken
there's action to be taken
efforts to be makin'
rise up humans
it's time to awaken

A dress rehearsal this is not
this may be all we've got
so I propose destiny and tie the knot
and as I walk down the aisle
single file
I meet myself and smile
'cause this is it

I don't know all the details but I get the gist
it's all about higher consciousness
and doing our best
for it's in the now that the opportunity exists