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Promise & Crackle - lyrics and chords

[C]Weak church coffee and, [F]early [C]mornings
Sharing a [G]song
[C]Long days driving and [F]shabby [C]meals
But you feel so [G]alive

[G]And I miss the skies, full of [F]promise and [C]crackle
The surprise of what lies around the [G]bend
And I [G]miss the cries of all the [F]hard work and the [C]rabble
As we scrabble [G]on

[C]Through Wyoming we’re [F]   heading [C]home
[C]West around the [Am]   crest of the [G]mountains

[C]Waving grasslands and [F]   sketchy [C]plans
Hanging on [Am]by a [G]shoestring

[C]California we’re [F]   dreaming of [C]you
A legend that’s been [Am]growing since our [G]youth

[C]Colorado we’re [F]   coming [C]through
Busking on the [Am]streets as we [G]meet you

[C]   Oh [F]    [C]    [G]    [C]Oh [F]    [C]    [G]  


Meeting folks you would never know
The way life goes back home

Sweet surprises and kind souls
Rising up and slipping past

Lives you’re part of just for a moment
One snapshot stacked upon the last

A string of bright spots steps winding along
Our dotted trail on the map

CHORUS (second half)

[C]   Oh [F]    [C]    [G]    [C]Oh [F]    [C]    [G]  

CHORUS (first half of first half)