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Let it Go - lyrics and chords

Working [F]hard and holding [C]tight
There's a [Bb]lot that I can [F]do
But [F]then there comes a [C]point
When [Bb]grace must be there [F]too

So I let it [F]go, I let it [C]go, I let it [Bb]go [F]  
I do my [F]best, I do the [Bb]best that I can [C]do
Then let it [F]go, let it [C]go, let it [F]go

If I hold on too tight
To things I think I know
Then there surely are some places
That I can never go

'Cause in [Dm]wanting I ain't [F]got
And [Dm]seeking isn't [C]found
To be [Bb]as I [F]wish
There's a [Dm]gap that I will [C]cross
From what I [Bb]wish to what I [F]be


My busy mind I know
Isn't really me
If I unwind I find
In clear mind I can be


And this ego that I find
Running wild and free
I can train it and contain it
And it will let me be



Attachments and involvements
With ordinary things
Can tie my choices down
Like a thousand tiny strings


Once I'm leaning on that gate
And the time and place is right
I will lay my burden down
And walk into the light

Chorus 2x