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Elevens and Nines - lyrics and chords

Some[C]times I think of sad things
And no [F]matter what I do, it don’t
[C]Seem to turn around

Some[C]times I think of funny things
[F]Jokes and puns and
[C]Tons of cheesy rhymes

[C]Life runs tough sometimes
And the [F]best of us get a
[C]Rough and a rocky climb

But on the [F]lucky odd day
My [C]mind decides to say
All the [F]happy little things that I’m
[C]Happy that have come my way

On the [F]lucky odd day those
[C]Circuits in my little brain jam
On [F]elevens and nines and
[C]All the fine luck I’ve had

Sometimes all the beetles crawl
Over to me like ants on a tree that’s
Fallen down

Sometimes all the sea gulls
And chickadees and swallows
Call my sorrows away

Sometimes when the rain falls
It comes down in puddles
And others huddle and call it off

I will grab my running shoes
Run through the puddles who
[merrily]   cover me in mud

Times I feel like a dud
I try to ___ step back and
Wait before I judge


Sometimes the traffic roars
Past my window and the
Grey sky pours

Sometimes people ask me things
Do do, and I just don’t want to
I’d rather squabble with them

Sometimes it seems the hour hand
Takes stoic delight in
Messing up my plans

Sometimes the traffic lights
Forget what’s right
And seem to turn on me

But sometimes things that seem to suck
End up bringing me
Nothing but the best of luck