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I Won't Give Up - lyrics and chords

[G]   I won’t give [Cadd9]up, [G]   on what I know is [Cadd9]true
[G]   I won’t give [Cadd9]up, [G]   even when I’m feeling [Cadd9]blue
[G]   I won’t give [Cadd9]up, [G]   cause Life is worth the [Cadd9]fight
[G]   I won’t give [Cadd9]up, [G]   cause not giving up is what is [Cadd9]right

[Em]If things look dismal and [C]bleak and
I’m [G]   feeling hopeless or kinda [C]freaked
[G]   I breathe slow and steady, long and [C]deep
Until I [D]reach a place of calm and [G]peace

[G]   I won’t give [Cadd9]up, [G]   while I’ve still got life in [Cadd9]me
[G]   I won’t give [Cadd9]up, [G]   I can still be the best I can [Cadd9]be
[G]   I won’t give [Cadd9]up, [G]   one foot in front of the [Cadd9]other
[G]   I won’t give [Cadd9]up, [G]   on my sisters and [Cadd9]brothers

[B]I can reach out for a [C]friend’s helping [G]hands [C]  
[C]    [B]   And remember this is all [C]part of a bigger [G]plan [C]

[Em]By Grace something clicks just [C]right
[G]   I feel hope and see [C]light
[G ]   And this refreshed knowing[C]ness
[D]Gets me through the [G]night

[G]   I won’t give [Cadd9]up, [G]   there’s a purpose for which I’m [Cadd9]here
[G]   I won’t give [Cadd9]up, [G]   Love will overcome [Cadd9]fear
[G]   I won’t give [Cadd9]up, [G]   there’s far too much at [Cadd9]stake
[G]   I won’t give [Cadd9]up, [G]   even the eleventh hour is not too [Cadd9]late

[Em]I trust in a higher [C]power
[G]   I’ll keep my heart open like a blossoming [C]flower
[G]   Awake, relaxed, ready and at my [C]best
I’ll let [D]Truth, Light and Love do the [G]rest