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Touched - lyrics and chords

[C]Mother Mary’s soft [G]blossomed hills[F]   of the Haute Soa[C]ne
The e[C]xpansive [G]majesty of the [F]valley of Tatlayo[C]ko.

[C]Lantau’s epic Buddha, [G]mountains and chalky [F]jade green [C]sea
[C]The mossy rocked forest crystal [G]clarity of [F]Climax [C]Creek.

[C]Touched by [F]earth, air,[G]   water and [C]sun, in each special [F]place,[G]   one by [C]one.
Like [Am]prayer beads on a [F]strand, each [G]one can a reminder [C]be
Held with [F]care in[G]side of [C]me

The in[C]credible western [G]wisdom of the [F]Point at Smelt Bay in the [C]sun
The [C]tall grass prairie [G]breeze whispering at [F]Wannaske[C]wan

The [C]forest way [G]up the hill at the top of [F]Nelson’s Stanley [C]Street
The [C]Hollywood Hills filled [G]with the smell of night blooming [F]Jasmine, so [C]sweet.


[F]Each [C]one of us will have our [G]special [C]places, [F]where[C]   we've been touched by [G]countless [C]graces
As our [Am]pathway [F]trac[G]es across this [C]Earth.

The [C]southeast glory of [G]Hollyhock’s birds, [F]beach and ancient [C]trees
The [C]forest ope[G]nings and trails at Pacific [F]Spirit near UB[C]C.

The [C]soft sacred [G]waters that lap the [F]shore at Trout [C]Lake
The [C]special grassy mound at [G]West 5th sweet and [F]gentle against my [F]face.


The [C]mystic Manza[G]nitaed slope on[F]   Mt. Shasta’s [C]side,
[C]Under the ancient [G]olive trees above the [F]Adriatic Sea up [C]high

The [C]exquisite mystery of [G]Crystal Lake in the [F]soft full moon[C]light
The [C]clear waters of the [G]Salish Sea under [F]sail, deep and [C]bright.