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Straight On - lyrics and chords

Capo 1st fret

Gonna [A]take my fears straight [G]on, straight [D]on, straight [A]on
Gonna [A]breathe [G]into it, lean [D]into it, straight [A]on

[A]Deep [G]introspection, mapping [D]the connections, patterns of identific[A]ation
In the provoking situ[G]ation, the observing [D]I can find a place of appreci[A]ation

For the opportunity provided by tribulation
and the necessity to achieve liberation

Gonna take the challenge straight on, straight on, straight on
Gonna breathe into it, lean into it, straight on

All this phenomena washing in sensory inputs,
I Am the master, body still, I will stay put

And in the stillness contained in careful motion,
voluntary relaxation, I allow myself to open

Breathe into it, lean into it, let it open

[Em]I am not this [G]body, [D]I am not these em[A]otions
[Em]I am not these [G]thoughts, [D]let it [A]open

Instrumental: (Humming)

[G]Open communic[D]ation, [G]guiding rec[A]ognition
[G]Kindness and comp[D]assion, [G]fierce determin[A]ation

I take this self straight on, straight on, straight on
Ain't no one else gonna be that one, I am that one, straight on