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Stars Singing Symphonies - lyrics and chords

Capo on 5th fret
When I [C]sit down at the table
And there's food upon my plate
I [G]take a quiet moment then
To sit and celeb[C]rate

I [C]look at these vegetables
Animals and minerals
And [G]consider how incredible
Is everything that's edi[C]ble

It's like

The [C]stars in the heavens
[G]Are singing [C]   symphonies
The [C]planets are a'dancing
[G]In harmonic [C]sympathy

[C]Nature is a growin'
In [G]infinite [C]diversity
Life is miraculous
From [G]zero to infini[C]ty

[C]   Alleluia [G]   Allelu [C]ia
[C]   Alleluia [F]   Allelui[G]a

[C]   Alleluia [G]   Allelu [C]ia
[C]   Alleluia [F]   Allelui[C]a

There's a million billion ways
That life would be impossible
If chance held sway
In matters cosmological

But in some mysterious way
That's logically improbable
Here we are today
To witness this incredible
World where


Everything that's living
Is a part of the infinite
Receiving and a'giving
In a cycle that is intricate

I wake up in the morning
With a smile on my face
So great to be alive
In this miraculous place