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Think! - lyrics and chords

If you could [F]read all [C]of my thoughts
I [Dm]think you'd find you'd [Bb]much rather not
You [F]wouldn't believe [Dm]all that I've got
[Bb]Considering everything I've al[C]ready forgot

I've got [F]ways to save the [C]world
Mixed with [Dm]things to say to [Bb]girls
I've got the [F]wrong words to [Dm]stupid songs
[Bb]Stuck in loops that go [C]on and on

[F]It's embarrassing, [Gm]all the stupid things,
[Bb]   I can [F]think of to [C]think about
[F]Is there anything [Gm]that could really bring
[Bb]My mind [F]back to my [C]senses?

I've got cops and robbers
I've got thoughts of monsters
I've got the plots to lots of movies
And scenes I've seen on the TV

I've got lots of schemes for making lots of money
And lots of things to say that only I think are funny
I've got yesterday's lunch and today's sore-tummy
Tomorrow's diet, but boy it was yummy!


[F]Don't get me [Dm]wrong
I am [Bb]thankful I can [C]   think
[F]But I'd be [Dm]thankful
to be[Bb]   also able[C]   not to [F]   think

I've got automatic video recordings
Of all the stupid things I've said and done
That play themselves without warning
Anytime that I feel dumb

There's this running to do list
that runs like a creek
Forgetting and remembering
what to do next week
It's only when I need I need to
make a speech
Then my mind is finally empty
and absolutely meek


I pretend to meditate twice a day
Asking my thoughts nicely to please go away
But my little brain's almost always got
Something lame that it's got to say

All this delirious mind chatter
It runs like beer without a bladder
If I had a garbage compactor
I could put the garbage in and live
happily ever after


[F]Don't get me [Dm]wrong
I am [Bb]thankful I can [C]   think
[F]But I'd be [Dm]thankful
to be[Bb]   also able[C]   not to [F]   think