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People Are Like Trees - lyrics and chords

Drop D tuning, capo 3

It seems like [F]people are like [Bb]trees
with a heart that [F]grows
like a [Dm]sapling from a [C]seed
they always [Bb]reach for the sun[F]light
[Bb]   for the [F]sunlight with their [C]leaves
but [Bb]once a seed is [F]planted
it seems a [C]tree can only [F]grow
[C7]        [F]        [F]        [C7]        [F]  

There are [F]cedars that still [Dm]grow up
[C]even when they’ve [F]fallen down
and [F]folks that grow like [Dm]oaks
[C]nothing seems to [F]slow them down

There are noble Douglas fir twenty-five feet around
and patient juniper that stay close to the ground

[F]Sometimes people change but they
[C]usually seem [Bb]   to stay the [F]same
[F]people change their names but their
[C]habits [Bb]   they [C]remain
so [Am]don’t fool your[F]self,
if you [C]want something to [Gm]change
it’s gonna [Dm]take something
to [Am]make it[Bb]   [F]change


There are shining maple shoots,
with tiny leaves and tender roots
they're quick to learn and keen to fruit,
but no match for a careless boot

Things that come upon the young ones
are seldom easily undone
hearts can grow and overcome,
but they always know where they started from


Some are stout and some are slender,
some grow straight and other benter
some are solid wood, others are soft at the centre

but a little sunlight and a little water,
a little shelter from the weather
just a little love, can really really matter