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Park Ranger (Yellow Camping Tent) - lyrics and chords

[G]   [G7]   [C]   [D7]   | [G]   [G7]   [C]   [D7]  

My [G]land lord is a park [C]ranger in a [D7]blue uni[G]form
[G]He’s the fines of [C]fellows [D7]when he’s in good [G]form

My [G]cook stove is a pro[C]pane tank [D7]with no chimney or [G]door
[G]Fine meals are [C]bubbling [D7]above the damp wood’s [G]roar

[G]My washroom has a [C]toilet that‘s [D7]fifteen feet [G]deep
[G]If I were to [C]fall in the [D7]exit would be [G]steep

My [G]home is a yellow [C]tent or the [D7]back seat of a [G]car
[G]When it rains I dig a [C]trench so the [D7]water travels [C]far

[G]   [G7]   [C]   [D7]   [G]   [G7]   [C]   [D7]   
Riff: [G]   [C]   [D7]   [C]   [D7]  

My neighbours have funny ways of looking at me
It’s almost like they don’t believe what they see

With their shinny camping cars so slim and sleek
They come rolling in, paddle boards to the beach

I too have got a boat, it’s a fine red canoe
But it’s got a solemn job off keeping the rain off my shoes


Riff: [G]   [C]   [D7]   [C]   [D7]  

I have got a bathtub that’s a thousand miles wide
It goes up and it goes down, but it smells nicest at high tide

I got myself a tan that’s the best I’ve had in ten years
When people ask how I got it, I just grin ear to ear

My friends they are genuine, genuinely concerned
Oh, but I tell them: look how much I’ve learned

Oh there’s still so much to be grateful for
It don’t matter much that I ain’t got a roof or floor

Cuz [G]my home is a yellow [C]tent or the [D7]back seat of a [G]car
[G]When it rains I dig a [C]trench so the [D7]water travels [C]far
Because [G]my home is a [C]fine, fine [D7]yellow camping [G]tent
[G]Or the back seat of a [C]car, in [D7]which I can travel [G]far