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Let There Be Life - lyrics and chords

For guitar Capo 4 and play C, F, G, and Am
Let there by [E]life
Let there be [B]hope
Let there be [A]strength, from [E]within
Let our better [E]angels come on [B]in
Keep that [A]light [E]shining [B]  
Let there be [E]life

[E]May the good [E]fairies of [A]fairy creek be [E]strong in their [B]love [C#m]   for the [B]grandmother [E]trees
And the corporation goblins be gone, where they belong and leave our fair earth in peace

Karma and time are inexorable things, the/a pendulum always swings
But the temple of life is worth the fight if anything is

Hearts breaking, minds quaking
The world is crying out
Voices rising, hands joining
Stronger than differences now

Always changing, something remaining
Holding to the core
Strong and steady, willing and ready
Love shines once more

Like the tide comes and goes, all things ebb and flow.
If we can reach inside with a courageous heart
onward and upward we can go

Like the tide comes and goes, all things rise and fall.
Holding each other with courageous hearts
to honour the precious in one and all

Like the tide comes and goes, and so the world turns.
We rally our strength with courageous hearts
and shine like the flame that always burns

And then a safe harbour opens, a safe harbour opens in the lee shore
Oh I'm home, home again, reaching out reaching in
I've reached home port