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Goodbye Utah - lyrics and chords

INTRO: a capella first half of chorus, then instrumental second half of chorus. Then chorus repeats with instruments and vocals.

[E]Goodbye Utah, pretty soon I'm gonna be gone
[E]Goodbye Utah, I'm moving along... and I say
[E]Goodbye Utah, going strong, got a travelling song
[E]Goodbye Utah, we'll be rolling along

You've got a [A]face, got a grace
It's a pretty sweet place
but it's not my kind of [B]groove
Oh, we've [A]been here a while, been a trial,
But you've given me a smile or [B]two,
But I'm ready to move
And I've tied on my travelling [E]shoes...


Banjo solo, 8 Bars: E A E B | E A B B

You've been kind to me, I've been kind to you
But the last few days been a little bit blue
Maybe it's the time of year, just a kind of mood
Cuz I'm not trying to be rude
When I say


Violin solo: E E A A E E A A B B
Guitar solo: E E E E


Oh I like the rest
but the West is Best
Never felt this way before
Guess I'm a west-coast kid,
Cuz it's where I wanna live
It's calling me, the shore
I can't handle this desert no more