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Forever - lyrics and chords

# Forever

[Eb]Forever [Eb]   [Ab]  
It is a [Eb]long [Ab]time
Whatever [Eb]   [Ab]  
Whatever [Eb]out-lives [Bb]ti[Ab]me

I don't know [Eb]   [Ab]   I know it's [Eb]hard to [Bb]test
All I [Eb]have [Ab]is a pet hyp[Eb]othe[Bb]sis

I know [Eb]love [Ab]lasts even though [Eb]kingdoms [Bb]crumble
Will [Eb]love [Ab]last until [Eb]kingdom [Bb]come, though?

I don't know [Eb]   [Ab]  

I don't make [Eb]promi[Ab]ses; I cannot [Eb]bear to [Bb]break them
Try to keep [Eb]promi[Ab]ses, although I [Eb]dare not
[Bb]spake/speak/make them

Forever [Eb]   [Ab]  
It is a [Eb]long [Bb]time

[Bb]   [Bb]   [Ab]   [Ab]   [Eb]   [Eb]   [Ab]   [Bb]  

I know a [Eb]beautiful [Ab]rose that is [Eb]in full [Bb]bloom
Will [Eb]soon grow [Ab]old and lose [Eb]its per[Bb]fume

But if a [Eb]passing [Ab]flower touches [Eb]travellers' [Bb]souls
Do cas[Eb]cading [Ab]ripples [Eb]fill the [Bb]whole

Forever [Eb]   [Ab]  

And would I [Eb]want to [Ab]live until the [Eb]stars [Bb]die?
What is it [Eb]like to [Ab]live for such a [Eb]long [Bb]time?

I don't know [Eb]   [Ab]  

And we go [Eb]   [Ab]   we go from [Eb]dust to [Bb]dust
Even so [Eb]is there [Ab]something that might re[Eb]main of [Bb]us

Forever [Eb]   [Ab]  
It is a [Eb]long [Bb]time

[Bb]   [Bb]   [Ab]   [Ab]   [Eb]   [Eb]   [Ab]   [Bb]  

And I know [Eb]some [Ab]things that I've found [Eb]in my [Bb]heart
They have felt [Eb]time[Ab]less from the [Eb]very [Bb]start

Though people [Eb]say [Ab]that [Eb]all things [Bb]pass
And though it's [Eb]true [Ab]perhaps, oh I hope [Eb]that love [Bb]lasts