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Electric Air - lyrics and chords

Kawai MP6 with E. Piano voice
[C]Be online, be online
[F]when it matters
[C]Be on time, be on time
[F]when it matters
[C]See the sign, [G]see the sign
[F]when it matters (Oh oh [G]oh)
because it’s (a) [Am]once in a [G]life [F]time
[C]when it matters
Oh oh [G]oh
Yes it’s [a]   [Am]once in a [F]life [G]time
when it matters
So: [Em]be aware
[F]and take care
[G]in the [Em]electric [C]air
when [m7?]opportunity’s [G]there
opportunities [C]there (^)
oh it’s [F]there
in the [C]air
can you feel it in the roots of your[G]   hair
it’s [C]near
oh it’s [F]near
it’s right [C]here
where we’re [G]aware
opportunity’s [C]there (^)

[C]   [C]   [C]   [F]  
[C]   [C]   [C]   [F]  
[F]   [G]   [G]   [F]  
[F]   [C]   [G]   [F]  
[G]   [G]   [C]   [C]