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Keep Knocking - lyrics and chords

Capo 5th fret.
[F]Met a sad [C]man [Bb]   in the looking [C]glass
[F]I said, "[C]Son, what's got you [Bb]   looking down [C]cast?"
And he said: [F]I know too much, and I [Bb]know too [F]little
[F]Seems I'm stuck some[Bb]where in the [F]middle
Between [C]ignorance is [Bb]bliss
[C]   and the wisdom of [F]ancients
When you've [F]noticed the chains but haven't
[Bb]broken [F]free
When you've [F]found the lock but [Bb]   not the [C]key

When you've [F]seen the effect but [Bb]not the [F]cause
When you've [F]seen the pattern but [Bb]   not the [C]laws

When you're [F]still asleep but you [Bb]know
you're [F]dreaming
When you're [F]still a sheep but the [Bb]   fence is [C]leaning

And I said:

[F]When you're going through [C]you-know-where,
[Bb]   you know [C]what
You've [F]   got to keep [C]going so you
[Bb]   don't get [C]stuck, because
[Dm]Many who [C]think drive them[Bb]selves to [F]drink
[Dm]Many who [C]care lose [Bb]all their [F]hair
Too [Dm]many good [C]folks [Bb]just lose [F]hope
[Dm]Don't des[C]pair you're [Bb]half way [F]there
Keep [F]knocking [Bb]on the [F]door
[F]Keep [Bb]knoc[F]king
Keep [F]knocking [Bb]on the [F]door
[F]In time you'll get an [C]an[Bb]swer [Dm]   [C]   [F]  


When you're [F]smart enough see dan[Bb]gers sur[F]round
But too [F]dumb to see worry is [Bb]   wearing you [C]down

When you're [F]in the game but don't
[Bb]know the [F]rules
When you're [F]in the shop [Bb]   staring at the [C]tools

When you're [F]round the post into the
When you're [F]*this* close you're [Bb]   that far a[C]way

When you [F]know doubt it's always
[Bb]in your [F]face
But [F]not so much about [Bb]that thing called [C]faith


[F]In time you'll get an [C]an[Bb]swer [Dm]   [C]   [F]  
... so knock once [F]more.