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Goodnight My Friend - lyrics and chords

For guitar capo 3rd fret and play C, F, and G7, chord shapes

Goodnight my [Eb]friend
see you in the [Bb7]morning
I hope your [Bb7]rest is
remarkably [Eb]refreshing
And in the [Ab]morning
you feel [Eb]amazing
and you [Bb7]wake up
feeling like [Eb]dancing

The lights are [Eb]low
and the curtains [Bb7]drawn
just waiting for a [Bb7]sweet dream
to come [Eb]along

and lift you [Ab]up
out of your [Eb]bed-room
and deposit you [Bb7]somewhere
without your [Eb]clothes on

According to the [Eb]internet
you'll probably [Bb7]dream about
some kind of [Bb7]snake
or your teeth falling [Eb]out

But in the [Ab]morning
your teeth will be [Eb]all right
things will be [Bb7]fine
and you won't have a [Eb]snake-bite (probably...)


Pretty [Eb]soon
All your [Bb7]brain cells
will start [Bb7]shrinking
in your [Eb]head

According to [Eb]science
a lot of [Bb7]liquid
will start [Bb7]swishing
cleaning out the [Eb]garbage

According to [Ab]Tibetans
you'll be [Eb]transported
to another [Bb7]world
that's even more [Eb]real


According to the [Eb]snakes
your teeth will be [Bb7]transported
into the [Bb7]internet
by the [Eb]Tibetans

And all the [Ab]science
will start [Eb]swishing
into your [Bb7]bedroom
without its [Eb]clothes on